Dr. Allen Garai (Board Certified) ¬†pediatric orthodontist in Vienna &Great Falls Va, has over 15 years of experience in treating thousands of children. He has been teaching early treatment as well as growth modification orthodontics at the pediatric orthodontic departments of Children’s as well as Washington Hospital Center. He has served as an orthodontic consultant to the pediatric crainofacial team at pediatric department of Inova Fairfax Hospital. Dr. Garai has done extensive research and teaching in the field of normal facial growth and development as well as children with crainofacial abnormalities. This has helped him to be recognized as one of the leaders in the field of early interceptive Pediatric orthodontic treatment in Northern Va.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommend an initial pediatric orthodontic screening at age 7. An early evaluation especially for skeletal issues is very important. There are several ways that kids can benefit from seeing an orthodontist at age 7. But it is important to know that an early evaluation isn’t necessarily followed by early treatment, in most patients. Dr. Garai can monitor your child’s facial growth pattern until it’s time for treatment to start. Dr. Garai will also monitor the eruption of adult teeth and make sure there will be enough space and try to avoid possible impaction of permanent teeth. Although every child’s development is different, in most cases the first permanent molar starts to erupt at age 6. This, along with other dental developmental markers, will allow us to get a better assessment on your child’s alignment of the teeth, from side to side and front to back.

There are also several skeletal developmental issues that could be addressed at an early age. Some of these include: skeletal cross bite, recessive upper and lower jaw, protrusive lower and upper jaw, and other developmental issues. Dr Garai has an extensive knowledge and background on facial growth and development and will help your child with diagnosis of these issues and the timing of any possible early interceptive facial orthopedic treatment. For more information on children, adolescent, teen orthodontic treatment options with invisible braces and invisalign teen you may visit our web site¬† Dr. Garai at Garai orthodontic specialists for children in vienna and great falls va, offers an extensive experience and knowledge on early (phase one) orthodontic treatment options. Please contact us for your child’s complementary Pediatric Orthodontic initial exam.